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Ice Cream and Soda Fountain Collectibles

Discovering and Preserving our Ice Cream History

One of the real pleasures for Ice Screamers is the sheer joy of discovery - that inner feeling of accomplishment in knowing that we have successfully uncovered another scoop of ice cream history. We're part detective, archeologist, historian, and preservationist: we enjoy unraveling mysteries about Ice Cream - a most delicious treat from our favorite industry.

And then there are the rewards of new found friends who share this common interest. The Ice Screamers offers you a place to explore the fascinating history of ice cream, to learn something new, to tell others about your unique collection, and to buy, sell, and trade your collectibles!

So what kinds of items do Ice Screamers collect? The diversity is staggering, and continues to grow!

We have members that specialize in:

  • Ice Cream scoops, spades and dippers
  • Soda Fountain glassware - from china to banana split and sundae dishes
  • Ice Cream Freezers, mixers, and blenders
  • Penny Licks, straw holders, and ice cream cone holders and jars
  • Tin, porcelain and cardboard advertising signs
  • Ice cream moulds of every size and shape
  • Ice cream cartons and paper wrapped wooden spoons
  • Photos, postcards, menus, cook books, and magazines
  • Toys, trays and tip trays
Ice Cream collectibles

This is THE place to find that unique ice cream or soda fountain collectible!

Our members display items like these at our conventions, write about their history and use in our newsletters, and buy, sell and trade them at events throughout the year.

So if you have an interest in exploring a fascinating subject, making new friends, and enjoying a treat that can't be beat,

Become an Ice Screamer!