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Issue 161 February 2019 Gilchrist # 31 Scoops

The ICE SCREAMER is a quarterly newsletter devoted to the enthusiasm we all share for the history and the collecting of ice cream memorabilia.

With over 160 past issues, some consider our newsletter archive to be the most authoritative source for ice cream history and soda fountain collectibles. Many of the article contributors are members who are recognized experts in their field, with extensive collections of such diverse items as dippers, scoops, moulds, ice cream trays, strawholders, milk shake mixers, ice cream freezers, Dixie cup lids, and many other ice cream collectibles. Our members continue to uncover little-known facts, like the recent Mystery of the Ice Cream Cone Inventor.

Every issue is packed with in-depth articles and pictures of these collectibles, appealing to the collector and the kid in all of us. They offer a wonderful chance to rediscover history, and catch another glimpse of a time when every neighborhood had their own corner soda fountain.

New members are introduced in each issue, along with their collecting interest. Each issue also offers members the opportunity to place free BUY-SELL-TRADE ads. Since many members are looking to add items to their collections, this is a very popular section of each issue, offering a wide variety of items, both wanted and for sale or trade.

A yearly Ice Screamer subscription and free BUY-SELL-TRADE ads are just two member benefits.

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